Our Story...

The Pizza Stop & The Local on the Lake

Uncle Jim Staffieri left Long Island in 1986 and opened the original Pizza Stop location in Downtown Rochester, NY.

I started working at the downtown location in my Junior year of high school in 1988.

I met my wife Amanda while I was still working there in 2005, got married, joined the US Army and left the Pizza Stop in 2006.

In 2010 while I was still in the Army reserves, I opened the Greece PS location and ended up getting out of the Army in 2012.

My family and I moved to Williamson, NY in January 2020 and opened Pultneyville location in November 2020.

Amanda and I met Chef Eric LeVine in 2022. We quickly realized that we had a common approach to our passion, food and service.

Chef Eric came to us with ideas and intentions to help stream line our multi-unit Pizza Stop. However, upon arrival to our Pultneyville location, Chef Eric’s eyes were opened to the possibilities of what this space could be. This was something Amanda and I envisioned, and wanted to create, but needed the final piece to our puzzle, Chef Eric. And so Local on the Lake was created.

With Chef Eric’s 40+ years of creating award-winning restaurants in New York, Atlanta and New Jersey, we knew we the right person on our team. Chef Eric has also won Long Island Best Chef 2023, won the title of Champion on Food Network’s Chopped Champions (Yes, he is a Chopped champion). He beat Bobby Flay, appeared on Alex vs America and most recently on Roku’s Sushi master. Chef Eric brings his passion, creativity and fun with food here to Pultneyville, NY.

We look forward to sharing new, simple, fun and creative experiences at The Local on the Lake and sharing local foods as a major feature of our seasonal menu.

Don’t worry, our tradition of legendary pizza with Pizza Stop will continue through our newly-created lower level space and will make pick up easy and convenient.

We look forward to seeing you,

Amanda, Chef Mike and Chef Eric.

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